"A world of caring can make a world of difference"


Our friends, patron Suzan Holder and long-time support Gilpin Hotel and Lake House have come together to lend their support once again to CAFT.

Suzan has written an article for the Gilpin Hotel and Lake House's Magazine in which she writes beautifully of the work we do here at the Adventure Farm. "Holidays provide children with memories they can draw on when times are hard, giving them the emotional strength to deal with difficult situations. They promote a positive attitude in children who have limited educational and leisure opportunities due to their disabilities or social issues."

Suzan goes on to mention our beneficiaries, Suzanne, Chris and their four children, one of whom Sarah, was born with complex cardiac difficulties. Suzanne's colleagues contacted CAFT and just before Christmas, CAFT called Suzanne "with words that will stay in my heart forever, 'We want you to come and spend a weekend with us because we want to look after you.' " And this perfectly summarises what CAFT is and why. Once again, we are so grateful to our friends for the continuing work they do on our behalf. Spreading the word of CAFT far and wide is so immensely important to us because we want to reach more families and children, like Suzanne, Chris and Sarah.

Follow the link below to read the full article.