Aw, I hate it when they leave!


Another Friday, another fantastic group of children waving goodbye to us as they head home. We've had such a brilliant week with the Siblings Group from Claire House Hospice, they were such an inspiration.

Dealing with life-limiting or terminal illness within your family is difficult, imagine doing this when you're 9.

As much as Mum & Dad try to absorb the practical and emotional impact of having a seriously ill child in the family, it's inevitable that siblings are affected....trying to concentrate at school when you're exhausted after being woken up by an emergency in the night...feeling excluded from conversations with friends about sleep overs because they're out of the question...trying your best to help your Mum & Dad to look after your ill sibling, or worse - to deal with the loss of your brother or sister. It's such a lot to deal with and we were honoured to lend a helping hand this week by giving these amazing children a break here at CAFT.

A week when all that is miles away, and all you have to do is have fun & play, laugh & shout...and relax. A week with children your age who know EXACTLY what your life is like, who don't think it's 'weird' that they can't come over to play in your house, who you can talk to. A week when you will make friends for life & gather memories which will stay with you forever.

Here are a few photos of this week's holiday. As you can see, a fantastic time was had by all. Bye bye Claire House, it's been fun!