Halloween the final chapter - Monster Mash!


Ok, so no mash, but lots of other freaky food!

Our chef, Natalie, has been slaving away over a hot cauldron for days to prepare this fiendish feast! Brain watermelon....snake pizza....lychee eyeballs and shortbread fingers to name but a few items on the menu. All home cooked, all delicious, but all with a spooky twist. The dining room is ready, we just need the kids to get back from trick or treating now (our poor neighbours!) so that the party can begin!

Its been a day these children will never forget, which is exactly what we're all about here at the Adventure Farm - providing opportunities and experiences that children wouldn't ordinarily have, making them believe they can achieve and excel and giving them positive childhood memories that will stay with them forever.fingerssnaketablefoodfood1