Jason Manford raises funds for CAFT!


In under 12 hours time our Patron Jason Manford​ will be signing off from his social media apps for the last time for a whole month.

Now, I know to some of you that won't seem like a big deal, but as a fellow phone-checker I can understand how difficult this will be and very much respect Jason for giving it a try. In typical Jason fashion, he's turned his ‘ordeal’ into an opportunity and has chosen to raise funds for our charity, and the results have blown us all away - over £12,000 raised already and the total is creeping higher and higher!

If you're already aware of our charity, you'll know how huge this is for us. We're a fairly small organisation so don't enjoy the profile of our bigger charity cousins, so to hear our name mentioned so widely in the media is amazing – this is something that happens to other people, not us! And that’s before we even start thinking about the money that’s coming in – at the time of writing this Jason has raised just over £12,000!

I can’t begin to tell you how important this is to us and the children we support. £12,000 will provide holidays here at CAFT for 40 children! 40 CHILDREN!! That’s 40 children who will be given the opportunity of a break from their difficult lives, a chance to play and have fun with their peers and just be children again. The children who benefit from our work are living with illnesses, disabilities and difficulties most of us couldn’t comprehend – young children having to deal with some very grown up problems.

Here are a few words from Susan who visited CAFT with her daughter Anna, aged 14 who has Cerebral Palsy and learning difficulties and Anna’s little brother James, aged 8: “My son has had the opportunity to mix with other children who have a disabled sibling without having to explain his sister’s disability. He had the chance to be a child. As a family, it gave us the chance to recharge our batteries, starting with a fresh mind and body for the future months. It gave my son the chance to make childhood friends in a similar situation.”

The money raised through Jason’s Social Media Fast will throw a lifeline to these very special children. Please, if you can, support Jason’s endeavours by either texting JJMF81 followed immediately by the amount you wish to sponsor him (eg JJMF81£10) or go to his Just Giving Page to make your donation.

Jason's fundraising page

Good luck Jason, we all know you can do it and will be cheering you on from the Adventure Farm. On behalf of each and every child you will help, thank you.

Helen x