CAFTs Krypton Factor Keypad

Locksmiths of Knutsford

After the key pad on the front of the sports hall doors finally gave up the ghost last week, Matt to the rescue!

It truly was becoming a Krypton factor style challenge just to get through the front doors of our sports hall as half the buttons on the keypad stopped working. Following our flood and the floor now being replaced, we weren’t going to let anything stop us letting the kids in!

Luckily within 24 hours Matt from Locksmiths of Knutsford had come to the rescue, disconnected the old key pad and fitted a shiny new one! Not only did he re-position it for our wheel chair users and extend the door opening time, after spending all of Friday here he didn’t charge us a penny!

Thank you so much Matt, and for all those in our area, if you ever need a locksmith, you know who to call!

Locksmiths of Knutsford - Matt Raw - 07586 311868