Sensory Bathroom Refit

Sensory Washroom

Need an accessible, modern and unique bathroom refit? Luckily we found just the guy...

So in January our maintenance team started a project to revive our brilliant but slightly tired multi-sensory suite. In doing so realised that the accessible bathroom contained within the suite was in a drastic need of an update. Not only were there obvious concerns with lack of room for wheel chair users but there was also old pipework hidden in cupboards which needed to be removed.

So while our team were working on LED lights, projectors and fiber optics, in entered...

Paul Bailey - of Eccles Plumbing & Home Maintenance!

Paul from Eccles Plumbing & Home Maintenance took on the project and after planning it with Tom our Facilities Manager got stuck in. After just 7 days work he'd removed all the old bathroom, re-directed the pipework to the proper locations, repaired the walls and floors, created the new boxing, tiled, floored and commissioned the entire washroom!

Tom, our Facilities Manager said...

"Within 1 day of being here Paul was part of our family! Not only does he have a fantastic attention to detail but planned the entire job on my behalf to perfection! On schedule and on budget, I can't think of anyone that could have done a better job!"

Complete with thermostatic tap for safety, heavy duty supported handrails and accessible valves for our maintenance team we now have a washroom for the kids in keeping with our amazing multi-sensory suite and facilities.

Thanks Paul!

If you need a plumber, or anything else doing for that matter, here's how to contact Paul:

Tel: 0161 707 4265 - Mob: 07891 651002 - Email: - Facebook: Click Here

Sensory Washroom All In One