Sensory Plant Play

Lavender Annie and Stuart

The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust has so many wonder and engaging attractions, one of them being our beautiful sensory garden. The garden is home to lots of lovely plants that all smell, look and feel unique; perfect for stimulating the senses!

Lavender Plant

One plant in particular that is perfect for sensory play is lavender. Lavender has a beautiful, calming scent and the plant itself is known to have many naturally occurring benefits, from being a bug repellent to a sleep aid! We have several lavender plants growing in our garden and in a few weeks, when the flowers are ready, the children will be encouraged to pick the plants to incorporate into their sensory - messy playtime. The lavender is put into play-dough, slime and other magnificently messy concoctions. By incorporating nature into play, the girls and boys get to immerse themselves in the colours, movement, textures, sounds and smells of the outdoors. Furthermore, studies have shown that sensory messy play helps to stimulate a child senses through creative, social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. So our sensory garden is the perfect place to encourage exploration of the senses and messy playtime is perfect because…it’s messy playtime!