Welcome home trekkers!

3 volcano Trek

HUGE congratulations and a MASSIVE thank you to our 32 intrepid trekkers who yesterday returned from a very chilly and wet Italy after their 3 Volcano Trek.

We are so proud, and grateful, to all of our wonderful fundraisers who have raised an astounding £25,000 (with more funds to come in!) through their overseas challenge. They have braved three of Italy’s volcanoes – Vesuvius, Stromboli and Etna and survived! Battling through some of the worst weather Italy could throw at them, our band of adventurers were faced with steep inclines, narrow crater rims and rough (and sometimes dangerous) terrain.

The weather meant they had to be creative when planning their routes on each day as cloud cover, galeforce winds and driving rain made a tough trek even tougher. Their trip also involved some very challenging travel including an overnight ferry crossing to Stromboli, long coach journeys on some pretty precarious roads and several flights.

One of the trekkers, Sarah, summed up the feeling of the group “Well in 6 days I have experienced 4 flights, 12 bus journeys, 2 ferrys, 2 bus fires, climbed 3 volcanoes, slept in 4 different hotels and 1 ferry and eaten 6 questionable Italian meals!! And met 31 amazing people along the way.”

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