Welcome to the....

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Welcome to the wonderful world of The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.

It’s here! The new and very much improved Adventure Farm website, and you’re all very welcome to come inside and see why what we do is so important. Its taken us many, many months to build this new, amazing site (thanks to the hard work and expert guidance of the geniuses over at First Internet Marketing) which we hope you’ll find useful and enjoy. A whole team of CAFT staff have been responsible for (hopefully!) making our new site as user friendly, informative and fun as possible, headed up by our very own Tom Farrington. We’ve included lots of new functions, such as downloads for challenge events and important documents for potential user groups. You’ll also find three fantastic videos, loads of photo galleries and exciting news about our forthcoming events and fundraising endeavours.

The site will be updated regularly, with updates about the children who are visiting, our events, fundraising, celebrity support and any developments to our programmes and facilities. Please have a good look around and if you have any further questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01565 830 053. Have fun!