Child SmilingA donation to our charity goes a very, very long way and makes such a huge difference. This was summed up perfectly by Alison Ashley from Hebden Green Special School who brought a group of children for a holiday.

“The Adventure Farm is a magical place. From the moment you arrive, children and staff are treated as honoured guests, dear friends and VIPs! The benefits for the children last way beyond the weeks holiday. Memories and bonds are formed, where even five years later the children reflect on holidays, discussing activities and bringing photographs to our attention. They ALWAYS talk about the Adventure Farm during their graduation, citing it as a highlight of their time in the Primary Department.

Some of our children live with life limiting or severely disabling conditions; the Adventure Farm gives them the time and space to enjoy things they would otherwise not access and these are once in a lifetime opportunities. I consider myself and our school to be friends of the Adventure Farm. Beyond that, I consider myself to be a believer in what the Adventure Farm achieves - a place for love, normality, richness, fun and self esteem to be nurtured and grown. The farm is a truly unique and amazing place.”