Multi-Sensory Suite

This is one of the most popular activity rooms here at The Adventure Farm, and is enjoyed by children of all abilities and ages. This Suite provides a wide variety of play equipment, designed to offer different sensory experiences - touch, vision, smell or sound - which can stimulate or calm children with physical and learning disabilities or sensory impairments.

It is split into four key areas, these are:

Fish Tank area – including a stunning 10ft marine aquarium and comfortable seating area.

Soft Play area – a safe area for children to play with no sharp edges! Padding on the walls ensures the safety of children with hyperactivity disorders, also includes a range of soft play equipment designed to stimulate the imagination and senses. Coloured lights and projections make this a fun and relaxing place to be.

UV area – contains all things UV! Sensory boards, paint, nail varnish and face paints that all glow in the dark!

Sensory Therapy room – a one-to-one room for children with sensory impairments, autism and severe physical and learning disabilities. Contains a heated water bed, light tunnel, bubble tube and fibre optic lights, as well as many smaller pieces of sensory equipment.

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