Nature Reserve

New Area!

Our Nature Reserve has been transformed, thanks to major sponsorship from long-term supporter HSBC, who have shown endless enthusiasm from the moment we told them of our plans. Teams of volunteers were also supplied throughout the Summer to undertake the extensive works, which included a brand new luxury aviary for our huge budgerigar family, Japanese and Button Quails and Golden Pheasant! HSBC utilised our current wooded area and transformed it into a haven for local wildlife and a centre for educational and fun woodland walks. It leads to a spectacular wooded flight area, which the children can walk through whilst surrounded by colourful, noisy and very friendly budgerigars!

The area is fully accessible for wheelchair using children. Other fun activities to be found in the area include tactile and audible Tubano Drums and Rain Maker, brain tease Ball Maze and Number Search boards.

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