Our President Sir Bobby Charlton

Sir Bobby Charlton was asked to be our President in the year 2000. Since then it has remained our honour to have him. Here is a quote of him speaking on one of our very first fundraising videos, click 'expand' to see his full speech or watch the full video below.

Sir Bobby Charlton

"This really is a special place, special for the Children and it’s special for me to.

When I was first asked to be President in 2000 I felt very honoured, especially once I'd been here to visit. I was able to find out all the things that help to make this place special. Children come, some of them from inner cities, all of them from backgrounds where to visit a place like this is out of the question.

They've never had the opportunity to come out into the countryside to see animals, to have a bit of peace and quiet and to actually enjoy a holiday. A week long surely but never the less a holiday, where they can express themselves, and let themselves feel free and for the first time in their lives feel as though someone is doing something for them and they do really appreciate it.

I love coming to this place because every time I come I see smiling kids and that makes me feel very happy but they're not always happy when they set out, but when they come here they have so much to do, they have so much interest, they find out they have been missing so much for so long that they take the opportunity with both hands, to make sure that it’s a holiday they'll never forget.

So many people do so many things for them and probably for the first time in their lives people have actually helped them and wanted to make them happy, and I think that’s what makes The Adventure Farm such a fantastic place."

To see our original fundraising video from Tim Grundy featuring our President Sir Bobby Charlton go to our Media Centre.